CTI BioPharma Corp. is committed to helping patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals access VONJO® (pacritinib) and the support they need.

VONJO is available as 100 mg capsules, for oral use.

This site is intended for US and PR residents only.

If you need support when prescribing VONJO or your patient experiences access issues at any point during their treatment journey, we are here to help!

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The CTI Access® team consists of compassionate and experienced individuals who understand the impact a chronic disease has on patients and their families.

Coverage and Access Support

We can provide support to patients throughout their treatment journey.

Coverage Checks

  • Identify all payers involved
  • Confirm benefit designs
  • Uncover opportunities

Prior Authorizations and Appeals

  • Confirm requirements
  • Obtain necessary forms
  • Initiate requests
  • Monitor progress and outcomes

Policy and Coverage Reviews

  • Explain out-of-pocket costs
  • Educate on current coverage
  • Review long-term impact and options

Specialty medication coverage, and the pharmacies your patient can use, are based on their unique insurance benefits. We can help you determine what requirements exist for your patients. For more information on who can dispense and purchase VONJO, visit CTI Access Distribution Information.

There are 3 ways to request support

Through our secure portal

Request Support

Complete the Support Request Form and fax it to 888-284-8084 or email it to [email protected]

Treatment Delay and Disruption Solutions

Patients deserve access to therapy—when and how they need it.

Bridge Program

Provides up to 60 days of free drug to patients who meet the criteria below.

  • Documented therapy initiation delay or continuation ≥5 business days due to insurance coverage issues
  • Resident of US or Puerto Rico
  • Prescribed VONJO for an FDA-approved indication or a clinical compendia-recognized use
  • A completed Support Request Form must be on file with CTI Access®

Patient Assistance Program (PAP)

Provides free drug to patients without affordable access and who meet the criteria below.

At least one of the following:

  • No prescription insurance
  • No coverage for VONJO
  • The co-pay for VONJO is unaffordable, and the patient does not qualify for other options

AND all of the following:

  • Resident of US or Puerto Rico
  • Prescribed VONJO for an FDA-approved indication or a clinical compendia-recognized use
  • A completed Support Request Form and PAP application must be on file at CTI Access®
    • A PAP application will be made available after we prequalify the patient
  • Income restrictions as defined by CTI BioPharma Corp.

Co-pay and Financial Assistance

Financial burden should not impact treatment choice.

Co-pay assistance for patients with commercial or private insurance

Eligible patients will pay no more than $25 per month for treatment, up to a maximum benefit of $25,000 over 12 months.

Eligibility criteria include:

  • Must be a resident of the US or Puerto Rico
  • Must be prescribed VONJO for an FDA-approved indication or a clinical compendia-recognized use
  • Must have insurance through a commercial or private policy. Patients who have insurance through a federal healthcare policy are excluded from this program
  • Insurance must cover VONJO
  • May not receive any other assistance while utilizing this program

To see full eligibility requirements, please click on the Register Now button below. If you run into challenges with this link, or if you'd like to enroll your patient verbally, please contact CTI Access® at 888‑CTI‑FORU (888‑284‑3678).

Alternative assistance for patients with all insurance types

There are many programs and organizations that assist patients with paying their healthcare expenses. CTI Access® can help determine what programs a patient may qualify for.

Potential options include but are not limited to the following:

  • Low Income Subsidy (LIS) through Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • State pharmaceutical assistance programs
  • 501(c)(3)/nonprofit foundations
  • Local charities or organizations

If you would like us to provide this assistance, please provide a completed Support Request Form.

Other Patient Support

If you need additional assistance, turn to the CTI Access® team. We can connect patients to available education resources, local resources, local event awareness, and much more.

CTI Access® is dedicated to helping you and your patients.

We are available Monday through Friday between 8 am and 8 pm EST at 888‑CTI‑FORU (888‑284‑3678).

To discover more about VONJO, visit vonjo.com/hcp or vonjo.com/patient.